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Interconsult 1

Interconsult 1 was established in 2012 to respond to the increasing need for specialised consultancies. It inherits the experience and the activities of several business companies that have operated in the field of innovations and high-end technologies since 1996. We are experts in optimization of energy systems, administrative, technical and operational management and execution of renewable energy projects and investment projects in the areas of energy efficiency.

energy monitoring

How do we work

Stepping into our clients’ world, understanding their problems, issues and opportunities, we provide tailored consulting services such as energy monitoring, analysis and complete solution package for energy management. We constantly research and develop innovative products and services, develop our team's technical and expert knowledge. Our service range is wide covering the entire project cycle from its initial development to its implementation and evaluation.

We are proud to be a trusted and reliable partner.

Energy savings
320 t/y
Reduced CO2

Feature projects

Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring

Our innovative monitoring platform enables precise real-time monitoring of energy consumption and track performance of a green energy source at the same time. We offer a suite of comprehensive analysis - an important step towards eficient energy management.

Energy management

Energy management

We assist our clients to reduce and control current level of energy use and improve existing operating procedures by monitoring energy consumption and setting energy targets. We design and implement energy efficiency solutions, supplying reliable and cost-competitive renewable energy commodities and services.

Active fuel

Combustion optimization

  • Reduces air polution - NOx, CO2, SO2, PM
  • Reduces black carbons in the exhaust gas - up to 55%
  • Provides sustainable work with low-quality fuel
  • Improves engine power up to 15%
  • Increases dynamics up to 9%
  • Reduces fuel consumption between 9% and 16%

Contact us

1, N. Rakitin str., 1124 Sofia Bulgaria
Tel/fax: + 359 2 943 7757, + 359 2 943 7720